Strange Things Are Afoot

It’s been a long time since my last blog update.

In all honesty, I’ve been in a slump work and life wise, making it difficult to do everyday things. Things that I should be doing, like studying, blogging and keeping up with people around me – are not being done. I’m sure that I’ll be out of this forsaken slump soon, but for now, I guess I just have to keep moving on the best I can.

I’ll be taking it more easily on the blog for now though. Not only because of my slump, but also because I think that I could be able to generate more traffic into my blog if I limit what I post about. For starters, Music and Life posts will be rarer while Movie and Video Game posts will be more frequent. I’m not too sure how frequent those will be, nor do I know what days those will be coming out, but I will attempt to have a few posts a week.

Even though I’ll be focusing on those two types of media posts more often, I do want to keep the intentions I had when I first started: To write about me. And not just my life, but the things that interest me in a pseudo-personal way. I’ll write posts about my personal experiences when I have content, not for the sake of writing. Also, I’m planning on changing the formats of my review posts, so be sure to check those out in the following days.

In any case, I feel as though the Film and Video Game posts are my more viewed and thought out posts, and so I feel more comfortable writing about them. So with all that said, please bear with me and as always,

Stay Tuned!


World Vision Global Leaders Convention 2014

Hey everyone! It’s been exactly a week since I last posted, and only because I had some things come up. And while, yes, I did slack off a bit throughout that week, I did manage to get a lot of work done in my everyday life. And apart from work, I got the opportunity to attend this gem of a convention.


On Wednesday, the school had organised a few students to attend the convention and hear about the poverty and hunger that has befallen Rwanda these past years. To say that it was inspiring is an understatement – I learnt of personal struggles, pressing issues and harsh facts that are all very real in our world today. I suppose with so many of us leading the lives we go about living, we often forget about those in other countries that suffer. And boy, was I reminded.

The convention is held yearly across Australia to inspire and empower young people into leading their communities in the fight against global hunger. I, along with another 500 students, listened on and were amazed by the experiences of many people within Rwanda who are fighting to survive with the basic necessities most of us take for granted. We were introduced to a few people, such as the M.Cs Soreti & Hamish, local ambassador Jordan and Rwandan development facilitator Jean-Claude Rumenera, and all of them had a story to share. Stories of genocide, sadness and even heartache. But the emphasis wasn’t put on sadness, but on hope and forgiveness. With the focus on Rwanda, there can be no doubt that the Genocide of 94′ was of interest across the amphitheatre. But like the presenters kept reminding us – “The genocide is not what defines Rwanda as a nation or as a people”.

There was this sense of hope from each speaker on the day. You could tell it from their eyes and the way their voices pressed their message across the room – they genuinely believed hunger can be taken down. When you really think about it, it’s not facts, statistics and numbers that will end hunger, but the determination that people hold for serving justice where it needs to be. This determination was in the presenters on that day – and now I feel compelled to voice my own opinion and act.

“Hunger is not an issue of charity. It is an act of justice.”


What’s to Come

What’s to come in our lives? In my life?

To be fair, it’s perfectly normal to have no clue on where you want to go in life, and it’s just as normal to want to stay on a certain path. I see so many fellow Year 12’s around me, and while some seem to have their lives in order, many others are completely oblivious and confused to what the future holds. And to be honest, I’m one of them.

Growing up, I’ve always wanted to become someone respected with a good career that pays well. Coming from a poor country, it certainly has been tough, but there’s always this mentality that I need to succeed for both my own satisfaction and the satisfaction of others. Right now, I wish to study law at a specific university, but hearing from many university students, it seems that what they thought they had wanted wasn’t really their dream. And that scares me. A lot.

And so with that in mind, I have no idea what’s happening. If anything, I know less now than what I knew before. Although I will continue to push for a law degree, I will certainly not mark out any other options. Better to keep as many options available right? To all the other lost and completely lost students out there, know that you are not alone. And even though we are totally unaware of what’s coming, the future will inevitably come, and hopefully, with answers and truths that will make life just that little bit easier.

This post was inspired by a conversation I had with a few friends today, and only now, half an hour to midnight, am I again reflecting on life. Although it’s a tad melodramatic and unbelievably out of character for me, I thought it would be nice to just… talk about something like this. I’d love to hear from other students like (or unlike) me, just so that I can see what’s it’s like for others. Thankfully though, there is one thing I’m sure of – this blog will run for awhile. So while my life is left completely in the red zone, at least my little virtual life will keep on living.

Isn’t that a relief?

Start Up

Sleep deprivation. Endless studying. Aching wrists.

Thankfully, It’s all over. My days of waking up at 2:30AM are gone, marking the end of the traumatic event my school friends and I have come to know as “The Half Yearlies”. But, as the old saying goes, one door opens another. And in this case, it’s opened up two: The continuation of this blog and the start of the countdown to the HSC.

Although I’ll be (reluctantly) entering hiatus in the future yet again, at least, for awhile, I’ll be able to keep active online. So with that said, expect new blog posts starting tomorrow.

Stay Tuned!

Blog Hiatus

Hey guys!

Just a quick update, I’ll be on hiatus for about 2 weeks so that I can cram as much as possible for the Half Yearlies. It seems that we covered a lot more content then what I originally calculated so… I’ll be quite busy.

On the bright side, I’ve already planned and decided on things to review, so those will come out as planned as soon as the tests finish. Be sure to check that out, alright?

Wish me luck & Stay Tuned!

Visual Revamp: Changing Themes

Hey guys!

I’ve recently changed my theme from the “Writr” theme to the “Superhero” theme – and sweet mackerel does it feel different. I’m more happy with this theme considering it feels more spacious and clear, where as I felt with the old one it was too enclosed. I’ve also updated past review posts with featured images (which I think work really well with this theme) and I will continue to do so.

I’m sure its bound to happen every once in a while, but I’m really digging this new look right now. It would probably take a lot to get me to change it as of right now, so I hope you all agree with it.

Or don’t, you aren’t the (Blog) fashion police.

…And with that said, that’s all I have in terms of news right now, so be sure to check the blog daily for updates. Stay Tuned!

Blogging Newbie

A little under a month ago, I started to blog and publish pages on the nifty little site known as WordPress. I knew nothing about it then, and I’m quite sure I know very little about it now. Just trying to get a hang of it I guess. While I’m not necessarily a great writer, I have been trying very hard to publish regularly (which I believe I am doing well) and trying to talk about a variety of things to get people interested in what I’m trying to say.

I first started this blog for two reasons:

  1. I was trying to improve my writing skills (With the HSC coming up and all)
  2. The lovely Smiling Chef’s blog inspired me to do so (Kudos to you).

I have to say, writing is difficult. Or at least I find it that way. I try to keep what I say fresh and informative (Emphasis on try) and doing so for this long seems to have improved my work at school. I’ve written countless essays, but writing blog posts is on an entirely different level – not only is it difficult to come up with what to say, but I also need to find things to talk about. I do find it a bit difficult to balance the busy HSC year with the blog, but its something that I both enjoy and learn from, so I try to manage my time. Metaphorically killing two birds with one stone, if you will.

I know I’m still pretty new at this, but I really hope to continue writing for awhile. I’m not even sure if it will get easier or harder with time – but I guess it’ll be something I’ll have to see.

And I can’t wait.