Watching: Sunny (써니) (2011)


Whenever I speak to anyone of my interests, I always try to sneak a mention of this film to people. Never have I felt such sadness, shock, joy and happiness watching a film. I was outraged – the mere thought of a film, a fictional story, reducing me to tears. A blubbering mess, I was ridiculed by my family who failed to watch it with me.

Going into it, I was expecting a light hearted story about a group of friends – and for the most part it actually was. Yet the constant time jumps from the past and the present (and the “convergence”) gave it more meaning than any plot device could. Laughs eventually turned to tears and the pain in my stomach turned to pain in my eyes.

The story itself is about Im Na-Mi, a housewife that meets her childhood friend by chance, Ha Chun-Hwa. This chance meeting is not in the best circumstance though – as she is slowly dying due to cancer. She asks Na-mi to regroup their old group, “Sunny”, as she wants to meet them one last time.

Director Kang Hyeong-Cheol tells the story in an interesting manner – while showing the bright and colourful past of the girls (which is ironically set against the backdrop of the Gwanju Democratisation Movement and civilian-military clashes), he also tells of the dull, if not depressing lives the girls live in the present. Memories of what was and what could have been are presented to the audience in an insightful manner, adding to the  sincerity of the film. It forces people to reflect on their own past – and how they’ve changed through life.

There is very little doubt that this movie is my all time favourite drama, and it would be extremely difficult to take its place (I would love to see someone try). The plot, soundtrack (Especially Boney M’s cover of the song Sunny), scenery and humorous references to Korean culture cements this film in my mind and heart. Even if you don’t enjoy foreign films or dramas in general, I sincerely wish everyone to watch this film – it’s certainly not one to miss.

Bry Rating: 4.7/5
Recommended? Absolutely
Country of Origin: South Korea
Language: Korean