Blog Re-Schedule!

So if you’ve seen my previous Blog News post, you’d be aware that yesterday was supposed to be the Video Game Review. Now before you become keyboard warriors, I also mentioned that (Surprise, surprise), it was open to changes and rescheduling to fit my busy lifestyle.

If you’re really wondering, my day job has been moved to Monday, and so Video Game Reviews will be moved to Thursdays until further notice. Sorry about that.

So very sorry.

In any case, it should be smooth sailing from now on. So Stay Tuned!


Blog Schedule!

So since I’ve decided to keep some form of consistency with this blog (I repeat, some), I thought I’d give you all a rundown of what I’ll be updating throughout the week. Seeing as i’ll try to update daily, I may miss a few days, but thats to be predicted out of anything right? Little errors. So little I can be forgiven.

Anyway, here’s the schedule i’ll try my absolute best to follow.

  • Mondays – Video Game Review
  • Tuesdays – Blog Related News
  • Wednesdays – Rest Day
  • Thursdays – Rest Day (Oh shush.)
  • Fridays – Life
  • Saturdays – Music Review
  • Sundays – Film Review

So that’s the week! At the end of each month I might be doing a recap of the things I’ve reviewed, but i’ll definitely be posting my thoughts on a variety of world news of the month (That’ll be interesting. But don’t worry about that now.). I hope you all look forward to something new each day and who knows, you might discover something that really sparks your interest.

That’s all for now, but Stay Tuned!