On the Art of Cosplaying

Over my years, I’ve certainly visited the sparse anime conventions of Australia, and every year, one of the most exciting aspect of going to these events are the cosplays people manage to pull together. No longer a thing of Halloween, wearing costumes has evolved into Cosplay – a means of expression and a way to show adoration for a person’s interests. It has become increasingly inventive – although some costumes are easy to make and just as easily to pull off, some costumes cross the boundaries, incorporating mechanics and electronics to give an individual’s costume that extra edge. And fancy or not, I want to join that bandwagon.

I’ve never in my life have been able to cosplay and yet I spend a lot of my time searching up methods, techniques and tutorials on how to make capes, armour and the like. I’ve also dreamed of attending the famed conventions of Japan and America, where literally hundreds of people show off the creations they’ve been working on for weeks – and sometimes even months.

To be perfectly honest, one of the reasons I haven’t been able to cosplay are because of the physical aspects of characters. I find that characters on shows are frequently of light skin colours (I consider myself to be a medium brown), making me doubt my abilities to portray that character. Even though I’ve seen others with my skin colour pull of a particular character, I remain hesitant. On top of that, there’s the build aspect of characters, and so its difficult to find characters that I would like to cosplay as with my own build.

Skill is something else to consider, and while I’ve been told to start of with simpler costumes, I’m put off by the idea of creating something that isn’t high quality. This is simply my own fault as a perfectionist, and when I see the amazing things others are able to pull off, I’m disheartened.

But this ends now.

I’m giving myself a time limit – a year – to cosplay anything. Be it at a party, a convention or a get together, I will aim to cosplay something that I love, regardless of the pre-existing “requirements” for the character.  And so I’ll see how this turns out.

Stay Tuned!