Strange Things Are Afoot

It’s been a long time since my last blog update.

In all honesty, I’ve been in a slump work and life wise, making it difficult to do everyday things. Things that I should be doing, like studying, blogging and keeping up with people around me – are not being done. I’m sure that I’ll be out of this forsaken slump soon, but for now, I guess I just have to keep moving on the best I can.

I’ll be taking it more easily on the blog for now though. Not only because of my slump, but also because I think that I could be able to generate more traffic into my blog if I limit what I post about. For starters, Music and Life posts will be rarer while Movie and Video Game posts will be more frequent. I’m not too sure how frequent those will be, nor do I know what days those will be coming out, but I will attempt to have a few posts a week.

Even though I’ll be focusing on those two types of media posts more often, I do want to keep the intentions I had when I first started: To write about me. And not just my life, but the things that interest me in a pseudo-personal way. I’ll write posts about my personal experiences when I have content, not for the sake of writing. Also, I’m planning on changing the formats of my review posts, so be sure to check those out in the following days.

In any case, I feel as though the Film and Video Game posts are my more viewed and thought out posts, and so I feel more comfortable writing about them. So with all that said, please bear with me and as always,

Stay Tuned!


Blogging Newbie

A little under a month ago, I started to blog and publish pages on the nifty little site known as WordPress. I knew nothing about it then, and I’m quite sure I know very little about it now. Just trying to get a hang of it I guess. While I’m not necessarily a great writer, I have been trying very hard to publish regularly (which I believe I am doing well) and trying to talk about a variety of things to get people interested in what I’m trying to say.

I first started this blog for two reasons:

  1. I was trying to improve my writing skills (With the HSC coming up and all)
  2. The lovely Smiling Chef’s blog inspired me to do so (Kudos to you).

I have to say, writing is difficult. Or at least I find it that way. I try to keep what I say fresh and informative (Emphasis on try) and doing so for this long seems to have improved my work at school. I’ve written countless essays, but writing blog posts is on an entirely different level – not only is it difficult to come up with what to say, but I also need to find things to talk about. I do find it a bit difficult to balance the busy HSC year with the blog, but its something that I both enjoy and learn from, so I try to manage my time. Metaphorically killing two birds with one stone, if you will.

I know I’m still pretty new at this, but I really hope to continue writing for awhile. I’m not even sure if it will get easier or harder with time – but I guess it’ll be something I’ll have to see.

And I can’t wait.