Strange Things Are Afoot

It’s been a long time since my last blog update.

In all honesty, I’ve been in a slump work and life wise, making it difficult to do everyday things. Things that I should be doing, like studying, blogging and keeping up with people around me – are not being done. I’m sure that I’ll be out of this forsaken slump soon, but for now, I guess I just have to keep moving on the best I can.

I’ll be taking it more easily on the blog for now though. Not only because of my slump, but also because I think that I could be able to generate more traffic into my blog if I limit what I post about. For starters, Music and Life posts will be rarer while Movie and Video Game posts will be more frequent. I’m not too sure how frequent those will be, nor do I know what days those will be coming out, but I will attempt to have a few posts a week.

Even though I’ll be focusing on those two types of media posts more often, I do want to keep the intentions I had when I first started: To write about me. And not just my life, but the things that interest me in a pseudo-personal way. I’ll write posts about my personal experiences when I have content, not for the sake of writing. Also, I’m planning on changing the formats of my review posts, so be sure to check those out in the following days.

In any case, I feel as though the Film and Video Game posts are my more viewed and thought out posts, and so I feel more comfortable writing about them. So with all that said, please bear with me and as always,

Stay Tuned!


Visual Revamp: Changing Themes

Hey guys!

I’ve recently changed my theme from the “Writr” theme to the “Superhero” theme – and sweet mackerel does it feel different. I’m more happy with this theme considering it feels more spacious and clear, where as I felt with the old one it was too enclosed. I’ve also updated past review posts with featured images (which I think work really well with this theme) and I will continue to do so.

I’m sure its bound to happen every once in a while, but I’m really digging this new look right now. It would probably take a lot to get me to change it as of right now, so I hope you all agree with it.

Or don’t, you aren’t the (Blog) fashion police.

…And with that said, that’s all I have in terms of news right now, so be sure to check the blog daily for updates. Stay Tuned!