10 Weird Things That You (Hopefully) Do As Well

I say hopefully because otherwise… I just outed myself! These are 10 things that I do quite frequently, and more often than not, a conversation topic that people approach me about when I do it. As it turns out, all of my family members wouldn’t dream of doing these things but they are 4 out of the billions of people in the entire world. So, hopefully, someone out there knows my struggle – because the struggle is very real.

10. Pacing During Phone Calls

Pacing During Calls

At number 10, and likely the most relatable of this list, is pacing around the house during a phone call. I just can’t help it – if it’s longer than 3 minutes I begin the walk. Through hallways, across bedrooms, and even walks outside, I just begin pacing throughout the house. I’ve been called out on it many times by my family members, the number of times they’ve yelled at me for moving across the TV for the 5th time too many to count. The worst of this habit though is when I end up fiddling or resting on things for no apparent reason. No, I’ve never had a case as extreme as the gif above, but I’ve had ended up in some pretty strange places.

9. Solo Spontaneous Dancing

Spontaneous Dancing

It doesn’t matter if you’re good or bad at dancing – you do it anyway. Without anyone seeing or being around, I burst out in impromptu dance routines simply because I can. Sure, it’s usually to music but I have caught myself dancing to complete silence. I’m more than certain that everyone has done this at least once. When the need calls, you certainly answer.

8. Comfort is a Very Real Struggle

Comfort is a Struggle

Getting comfortable is surprisingly difficult for me. I find it very strange though – the seats and cushions I have are amazing, but no matter what, I never seem to be comfortable. I move, squirm, change the way I’m sitting, shift the cushions around me, all in an attempt to achieve… The perfect position. I think the gif sums it up pretty nicely.

7. Animals are a Weakness

Animals are your WeaknessCute animals are very powerful and dangerous weapons that must be handled with care. Eye contact essentially renders me a child, and I can’t help but “Awww” at their adorableness. The level of sheer cuteness is deadly, and animals that are either really young or really old have an added advantage that deals extra damage. Luckily, for this one most of my friends share this trait, so it’s not as embarrassing as I thought.

6. Talking with Inanimate Objects

Inanimate Friends

I treat inanimate objects as if they were living things. I argue, complain, insult, and express my adoration for things that I know will never express anything towards me. Hit my toe on a sofa? “Damn that sofa for being in my way”. Phone works fine after being wet by liquids? “It’s a miracle, and don’t you dare scare me like that again!”. I love it when other people do this, especially when they negotiate with an object into working, bargaining with it and promising it to take better care of it.

5. The Shower is a Stage

My Shower is a Recording Studio

A shower is many things. A place to reflect on your life choices. A place to think of what the future holds. A place where you think of what to say back to that girl that insulted you in Year 3. These are all true but for me a shower is a stage – a place where my voice knows no limits and I freely express myself through song. I belt out mostly hits from the 2000’s, and singing way too loudly has caused me to enter hot water with my family. But hey, they shouldn’t watch a TV show so close to a concert.

4. Forgetting Someone’s Name Multiple Times

Panic Attack

I manage to do this all the time. Every time I meet someone new and they tell me their names, I completely forget it within a few minutes. It gets worse when you have to ask them again… and again… and again. At that point I make it my mission to learn their name through some other way, because it’s just way too awkward to ask for it for the 4th time in a row. And it’s not just confined to names too – ages, facts, simple statements. You name it, I’ve probably forgotten it.

3. Resigning from Life after an Awkward Situation

Resignation from Life

Whenever I find myself in a socially awkward position, I instantly resign from life in my mind. I decide on becoming a hermit, living the remainder of my life away from civilisation and with a few animals to keep me company. It’s a frequent panic reaction from me, and it also happens when I look back on embarrassing memories. While it’s not as clear or visible as the others on this list, this one causes much internal pain.

2. Becoming Paranoid after Encountering a Single Bug


Let it be known that I hate bugs of all kinds. Ever since I was a child, I’ve hate insects and I have no idea why. You could imagine my torment when I learned that if you see a single bug, there’s probably a lot more nearby. And so with that interesting fact in my mind, paranoia sets in whenever I see a single bug. It probably doesn’t help that I live in Australia – where multiple types of deadly spiders roam in common areas. For reference, I hate cockroaches the most, and don’t even get me started on the ones that fly.

1. Pulling Expression on a Mirror

Mirror Expressions

And finally,  the top weird thing that I do all the time is… pulling expressions on a mirror! I put this one first on the list because I’ve yet to know anyone who does this the way I do. While most people look in a mirror and smile at it to know how they look, I take it to the next level. I get up to my mirror, close the door, and begin – I look at myself while pretending to be  sad, angry, surprised, confused or thinking. I’ve done it as far as I can remember, in order to know how I would look throughout the day if I were to pull a certain expression. And let’s admit: that is pretty weird.

So there it is, a list of weird things that I do daily throughout my life. Although I’m sure there’s a lot more, these are just a few that come to mind. I’d really love to know if anyone else does this too (so I’m not the only one), because they’re not exactly things that everyone else does too, right? In any case, that’s all about me for this week, so until next time.

Stay Tuned!




2 thoughts on “10 Weird Things That You (Hopefully) Do As Well

  1. Don’t worry I can definitely relate (especially to number 3 haha)…a weird thing I do is that whenever I cook something at home, I pretend I’m narrating my own cooking show (only in my head)
    Awesome blog, I love it already! 🙂

  2. Ever since the cordless phone was invented I cannot resist going for a stroll whilst chatting either. Like you I am also terrible at remembering names.

    If you like cute critters you should check out that video of the Bunny eating the Raspberry. It got something like 5 million hits in a day!

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